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Mario Party 2

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Released: 2000

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Hudson

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Mario Party 2 is said by players to be the best Mario Party game in the franchise and I would agree to some extent it is but I personally prefer Mario Party 5 on the Gamecube. This time again you collect coins to collect stars to win the game but the added additions this time around made it much better.

Mario Party 2 had exactly the same characters as Mario Party as well as some of the Mini-Games. The game has a new mini-game category being four-player Battle Mode where players had the ability to win more than ten coins in one Mini-Game and some players could lose all their coins. This feature was great and made a better amount of competativeness in the battle mini-games and one of my favourite additions in this game. The game had new spaces on the boards and removed some from Mario Party making it look fresh. The game had seven new boards and the characters when in that board would dress up like the boards theme. This was one of my favourite additions in the game but sadly only stayed in this game. The game also introduced Duel Mini-Games and Items which would become regulars in future games in the series.

Mario Party 2 was a huge upgrade from Mario Party and is probably the best in the Mario Party franchise. This game was fun but again even with fun additions the game got repetative fast and boring. Mario Party 2 though did really set the groundwork for the future games in the series and is still fun to play.