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Mario Party 3

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Released: 2002

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Hudson

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Boasting over 70 new mini-games and two new characters Mario Party 3 seemed like a step up from the last two Mario Party games. This wasn't the case however with virtually impossible mini-games, time consuming boards and an overhaul of modes Mario Party 3 was more like a step down from past Mario Party games. The graphics were the same as the past games, too many items and modes made it like the last games in the series also.

This game was the last to be released in Europe for the N64 and complete copies are extremely rare and valuable. The game is just like all the other Mario Party games by navigating round the boards to win. However this was the first Mario Party to have a story mode which made you compete in a 1-Player campaign for the first time in the series. This Mario Party was the first Mario Party game to re-introduce Daisy and to introduce Waluigi into the Mario Party Franchise.

The game is like all the other Mario Party games fun for a while but the novelty is soon gone. Even with a brand new set of mini-games and modes only a few were playable after first playing. This game wasn't brilliant and not many people will have played it because of it's rarity. I own a full copy of the game and because of it's value and few fun mini-games I feel pride in owning this game even if it isn't a classic.