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Mario Tennis

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Released: 2000

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Camelot

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 was a huge upgrade from the catastrophe which was on the Virtual Boy. Mario Tennis was released just as the N64 was beginning to decline but was a great game nontheless.

The game had great graphics, great controls and great gameplay. Mario Tennis had got 16 playable characters including the re-introduction of Daisy into the Mario Franchise and the debut of Waluigi Luigi's counterpart. The game had a variety of different modes and the ability to play with four players also helped keep the game fresh and fun. Only two buttons were used to hit the ball but combinations could lead to tactical play in the game. This meant whoever you played they always had a different style of play to the last. The computer was fun to play against too and being able to participate in a wide variety of different tournaments made it even better.

The game also had a lot of hidden secrets which could be unlocked and the ability to connect your Gameboy Colour version of the game to the N64 version for more secrets and characters just made the game even better.

The only fault this game has is the difficulty. When at the final tournament in the game it can get extremely hard and frustrating because of the computers good play. This is expected though being the last tournament in the game.

To sum up Mario Tennis on the N64 is one if not the best Mario Sport game it has brilliant graphics, addictive gameplay and fun aspects not matched by it's peers and sequels. The game is also extremely rare and complete copies can sell for a lot so if you are lucky enough to own this game keep it and play it with pride.

Mario Tennis

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Released: 2001

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Camelot

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

This is the third release in the Mario Tennis series. The first being Mario's Tennis on the doomed virtual boy console. Although the first tennis game that mario featured in on the held systems was 'Tennis' on the GameBoy  in 1989 where our hero appears as the umpire.

The GBC version features a variety of both human and Mario characters to play with in singles or doubles on a variety of different surfaces. But unlike the old tennis title for the GB, some extra thought has been put in to the longevity of play. A series of mini games are playable, some specific to the character chosen. Such as hitting banana targets on the wall when playing with Donkey Kong.

There is also a well though out RPG mode using either a male or female character which the player can name after themselves so they can play the plucky protagonist. Unfortunately you have tbe patient if you're going to play this mode as it has an endless opening sequence, once you get past this though the gameplay is actually rather good. A the time of release, the big RPG games were Pokemon Gold/Silver and The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX bu t neither of these managed a 3D land to wander through unlike this title. The aim of this mode is to be crowned champion at the academy, although a surprise awaits those who attain this goal. The game's longevity is further extended  even further as this can played in both singles and doubles mode.

What's impressive is the fact that the game is able to almost perfectly capture the look and feel of the N64 version without compromising the control. The controls for Mario Tennis are almost identical to those of the N64 version, providing the same level of pick-up-and-play and a good level of depth as well.

The game bosts impressive graphics and a pretty good soundtrack. Its been very well tought out and the gameplay is a lot smoother than the earlier GB titles. The difficulty settings are also actually realistic, the easy mode is easy, not slightly easier than the hard mode. There's a lot of thought gone into Mario Tennis and it shows.