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Mario vs Donkey Kong

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Released: 2004

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy Advance

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: NST

Submitted by: Hagen Dragmire

The spirtual sequel to Donkey Kong ('94) on the Gameboy, Mario vs Donkey Kong is another amazing platformer in the old style that helped make Nintendo a household name. Again, you control Mario, but this time you are trying to get back all the mini-Mario toys that Donkey Kong stole. This makes for interesting crossover stages where you must lead the minis to a toy chest. This brings a little variety to an already solid and fun game, making it even better! I don't care for it's sequel, but I get into that later in it's own short review. Mario vs Donkey Kong is a classic and on of the best Gameboy Advance games out there.