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Metroid Zero Mission

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Released: 2004

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Advance

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Ben Tryie

There is no denying it, Metroid is an 8-bit classic and it will always be remembered for having one of the biggest twists in gaming.

Putting all of that aside Metroid is still a pretty solid title today,  it was one of the better adventure games on the NES, but it was also one of the most confusing with seemingly endless tunnels and no map to guide you along the way.

Being a remake of the first game you take the role of Samus on her first mission. Her mission is to exterminate all Metroid’s on planet Zebes and to defeat the space pirates, destroy their leader Mother Brain so that she can put an end to their evil plans.

The game is no different to the other games you start off with the basics like all Metroid games you have to recover your ability’s over time. As you gain more ability’s more areas become open to you letting you delve deeper into the maze like planet.

The game has a lot of freedom, skilled and knowledgeable gamers can skip parts of the game even if they don’t have the required ability’s so it like Super Metroid in that area.

For newcomers Zero Mission is a great place to start it tells the story well and offers an easy difficulty for less skilled players.

Zero mission is one of the best games in the series a title that every Metroid fan should play.