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Released: 2002

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: ubisoft

Developer: Bethesda

Submitted by: Craig Barrell

okay this game is not retro but since it was released I have never stopped playing it. It has taken over my life ,Choose your race and then walk into the census office answer some questions to see your class type. then your are thrown into the massive island of  Vvardenfell.

One of the first questions people usually ask when playing this game is "what do I do in this game?" the answer is simple do what you want. 

Do you want to be a noble knight or a treacherous swine? do you want people to like you? do you want people to loathe you or fear you? do you prefer casting spells or wielding swords, or both? want to plunder dungeons and tombs? rise to head of a guild? Whatever your interests, theres plenty for you to do.