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Pokemon Crystal

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Released: 2001

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Game Freak

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

This is the seventh game in the Pokemon series although is effectively still only the second instalment as the plot is very similar to that of Pokemon Gold/Silver. Not surprising as this is an enhanced remake of the earlier releases, however, unlike Gold/Silver this was the first and only Pokemon game to released exclusively for the GBC.

Despite the plots being wholly the same, crystal does hold various new features. It is the first game to allow players to choose the sex of their character, while previously the character was always male. Also, all Pokémon have animations added for when they enter battle, for example, when a Cyndaquil enters battle, the flames on its back flicker.

A couple of sub-plots have been added. Mainly the addition of a legendary Pokemon called Suicine, who is featured on the box cover and the opening screen (see above screenshot) and also a mysterious Pokemon known simply as Unown which can resemble various letters of the alphabet.

Probably the biggest addition to this game is the inclusion of the Battle Tower. This is a new building which allows players to take part in Pokemon Stadium style battles. An added feature allowing to play through linking up with others via a mobile phone, however, this feature was only an addition on the Japanese version.

There is a slight improvement in graphics and design and given the option between this or Gold/Silver, this is probably the one to have, a word of warning though, for some reason the carts are more prone to failing than the older games. The reason for this is unknown but something to consider.