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Pokemon Stadium 2

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Released: 2001

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo EAD, HAL laboratory

Submitted by: Joe P05

Its difficult to state what really sets this game apart from its predecessor, apart from the obvious…100 brand new pokemon (back then) meaning a total of 251 pokemon to choose from, but that doesn’t mean to say that there are none, there is plenty to set this game apart from Pokemon Stadium.

Yes, as previously mentioned there are now 251 pokemon, the 2nd generation also introduced steel and dark types into the mix, special attack and special defence were the same stat of just special in the original version whilst gen II seperated this stat into 2, leaving the pokemon that nobody can deny was the DADDY of battle (mewtwo) is not as invincible and pokemon that had a super high special stat in gen I also hinder the effectiveness of that particular pokemon, whilst many people may argue that stinks because its makes the game harder, i ask “does it really?” because it adds a whole new dimension to the game and makes it more challenging, invincibility is great but a challenge, something that can leave you biting your fingernails in anticipation as to whether or not they win or lose, the fact is that nobody would like a game that is too easy, we like a challenge and pokemon stadium 2 delivers it with the new dimensions that this generation brought into the world of pokemon battling.

More or less every function that you find on PS1 you will find on PS2 (not the console…obviously), and they’ll all be enhanced such as the trade functions and gift pokemon (though more plentiful in the original), but PS2 also adds a few new features too, Earls pokemon academy is a nice new addition to the game as it is basically a library and gives you insight into the world of battling and teaching you how to battle in certain fields such as how to counter amnesia as well as the tests that it gives you to test your knowledge.

The mini-games on PS2 are all different than they are on PS1 (with some very very similar), but mini-games on PS2 can also involve questionnaires to test your knowledge and test it against friends if you desire.

In conclusion it is very basic but true to say that Pokemon 2 is Just a decent upgrade from the original, but like the original it is without a doubt to say that it is definitely a game to recommend to any pokemon fan and even any fan of Nintendo and this fantastic console.