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Power Stone 2

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Released: 2000

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Eidos

Developer: Capcom

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

This is Power Stone 2, and in the world of Power Stone 2, more is more. Is more? More! Yes, lots more stuff goes on in Power Stone 2. There's your fancy opening paragraph.

For those not in the know, Power Stone is all about friends getting together to fight each other, and gain superpowers. It was all single-room arenas and one-on-one fighting in Power Stone, but come Power Stone 2, here we go! Everything's more!

See, we have four more extra playable characters, including a sharp-shooting cowboy man, a little robot boy, an evil chef, and a boring woman thing. There's a couple of unlockable ones too, but they're not that interesting. Four more extra characters? How about four players at a time?

Now you're interested! Are you? Hm, it's a great "party game" this one. You, three other people. Be they friends, siblings or strangers, the gameplay's the same. Smack each other about with your limbs and anything you can find lying about (flame throwers, hammers, cake), grab yourself some magic stone things (the Power Stones!) and gain some superpowers and a new look. Your evil chef turns into a dinosaur, your mine-worker turns into a rock monster, your British pilot turns into a Power Ranger…

But that's not all! No more room restrictions here, you're all in a constantly changing environment this time. You could start on an airship, which gradually explodes leaving the four of you fighting through the sky, and then landing somewhere weird that's full of tanks and waterfalls and stuff. Or you could be in an oriental garden, which is set on fire, so you have to climb up the side of a house and get inside, all whilst still fighting one another and scrambling for them Power Stone things.

There's some little monetary system involved too, in which you pick up cash dropped from your opponents and spend it on weapons, but they don't make too much difference. Just get on with the fighting and all that. Maybe you want to play in on a PSP instead? Go on, I don't mind. Not as good as the Dreamcast one, but it's there. Big screen action, big thrills, big characters, big fun!

I enjoyed myself.