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Rugrats Studio Tour

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Released: 2000

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: THQ

Developer: n-Space

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Rugrats Studio Tour was yet another Rugrat's game for the Playstation. Playing as one of the five toddler tearaways this time you are in a movie studio trying to track down Tommy's younger brother Dil.

The game is spread across four movie set themed levels: Diapies of Thunder, Captain Cookies, Lazy Saddles and Outside Space. In each of the four themed levels there are a variety of themed mini-games which need to be completed to advance in you're quest in finding Dil. The mini-games are not very difficult and can quickly get boring. However, there are enough themed mini-games to keep you happy so it isn't all that bad.

The graphics are adequate, the colours are ok. The sound however has vastly improved. The real voice actors are used which is a nice novelty and the sound effects and music are ok. They are not fantastic but are ok.

To conclude, Rugrats Studio Tour isn't that bad a game, it just feels average. Out of all the Playstation Rugrat's game's this is my favourite and if you are a fan of the cartoon series I would avoid the rest of the Playstation Rugrat games and get this one.