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Released: 2000

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Yu Suzuki / Yoichi Takahashi

Submitted by: Crispian Driver

Play it, live it, love it. I can't believe this incredible game hasn't been posted on already, so it's my duty to try and do it justice, i'll try my best.

You play Ryo Hazuki, you witness your dads death by a villan named Lan Di and his henchman over a Dragon/Phoenix Mirror and the game basically is about investigating and avenging your fathers death.

Shenmue is a stunning sandbox game you can play at whatever pace you decide, infact if you want you can just explore the games playing area (the more you play the story, the more you will be able to explore) play on Arcade Machines (Hang On and Space Harrier) among others, buy toys in shops, pet and sort of adopt a cat, get a job at the docks driving a forklift. The game had plenty of fight scenes, scenes where you had to push various buttons to avoid being hit by a ball or falling over. You were even meant to be in bed at a certain time. You could interact with almost everyone and everything.

350 words are not enough for this game. The game is huge and has a loyal cult following. This stunning game and the Dreamcast itself never got the success they richly deserved, back in 2000 this game and the Dreamcasts other stunning games should of put the Dreamcast way ahead of the PS2 at the time, alas it was not to be. Everyone should play this groundbreaking, stunning, beautiful, amazing game.