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South Park Rally

4,650 views 2 comments

Released: 2000

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Tantalus Interactive

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

South Park Rally was South Park's unique take on racing games. The game was released for the PS1, Dreamcast and N64 each having with a seperate difference. The N64 version was the only version to have Gridiron Stadium in it. The game has three modes Arcade, Championship and Multiplayer which allow you a few hours of gameplay.

The game itself isn't that bad. It wasn't Mario Kart or F-Zero but was ok. It was much more funny to play and the unique game styles in arcade mode may have been annoying at times but were fun. The added bonus of four player mulitplayer was fun also and with a selection of 27 characters to choose from made the game fun also. But to get the characters you have to unlock them which shows unlike many cartoon games they actually thought about the game itself and how to appeal.

Graphics and courses on the game are authentic to South Park with a variety of South Park locations from the show and some exclusively for the game. The controls are smooth and the game is funny like the shows. South Park themed powerups are also present which make the game funny and inkeeping with the South Park franchise.

South Park Rally isn't the greatest racer ever made but I think it's the best South Park game ever made. This though was another money grabbing game for a popular franchise but because the game is fun and quite good it wasn't the same as other cartoon based games. If you like South Park this is the game to play.