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Star Sabre

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Released: 2008

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Cronosoft

Developer: Paul Cooistra

Submitted by: Dean Lazell

A Side-Ways scrolling shoot-em-up in the style of R-type for the Amstrad CPC. Comes in both 64K and 128K versions. Fast super smooth scrolling & Gameplay with massive end of level bosses. Packed with tons of graphical special effects! And the 128L version has a superb sound track too.

There are lot's of Shoot-em-ups on the CPC. And although this is a Homebrew release it still rates as one of the best for the system. It is amazing how much has been sqeezed into that 64 (or 128K) memory!

The enemy sprites are colourful and well animated. The mid level bosses and End of level bosses are huge for the CPC – but nothing slows down for a second. This game is HARD. The controls are responsive and the enemy flight patterns well thought out. There are even weapon power ups!

One thing missing is Autofire… Which means your hand hurts after a 15 minutes of frantic trigger sqeezing.

This game can be downloaded free for emulation or purchased in cassette / disk form complete with authentic style labels & artwork! A great effort which shows just how professional Homebrew Software can be.