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Tom & Jerry Tales

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Released: 2006

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Advance

Publisher: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Sensory Sweeps

Submitted by: Jack Poole-Fuste

Less Retro more classic, Tom & Jerry Tales is an interesting minigame collection that when fully completed gets Jerry a car and gives Tom a headache.

The minigames are quite basic but fun. This is however, until they are reapeated in different scenarios time after time. The Toaster Level for example gets recycled into the babies cot level, albeit Tom wearing a strange hat. The Table Leg Level get rycycled into the fuzeball level as well.

There are however some really entertaining levels like the Snooker level were tom juggles snooker balls and you have to header them back until they crush his face in.

Or the Cuckoo Clock level where you have to jump from cable to cable without being hit.

Or even the Fruit Bowl level where you have to beat a kind of Rock Paper Scissors gameplay where you can avoid Tom shots but let him take the full wrath of yours.

All these minigames are linked together by a couple of Collect ’em up sprees in the walls and other areas, were you have to collect all the cheese without killing Jerry. An these are the most difficult levels. Thou must collect All the cheese, 59 out of 60 does not amuse.