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Tomb Raider The Prophecy

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Released: 2002

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Advance

Publisher: Eidos

Developer: Ubisoft

Submitted by: Gavin Miller

Two Tomb Raider games were released on the GBA during its lifetime.  Prophecy and Legend. While Legend played as a side on platformer with very little challenge, Prophecy was unlike any other Tomb Raider game. Instead of the camera view been focused behind Lara or side on like the earlier game boy colour games, Prophecy’s camera angle is isometric which is well suited to the handheld making the game play great and look great.

In this adventure Lara is on the hunt for three magical stones which see’s her exploring three massive tombs comprised of 28 levels. She faces the usual traps like bottomless pits, crumbling platforms, spikes and timed switches, nothing that Lara hasn’t dealt with before. Enemies consist of wolves (as seen in tomb raider 1) skeletons (tomb raider revolution) and ghost (hooray, a new adversary) nothing your trusty twin pistols can’t handle though. These will get upgraded during the game to the quick shooting, semi powerful uzis and eventually the mystical golden gun. During combat Lara will automatically lock her pistols onto her foe, allowing her the freedom to jump around & dodge any attacks. As with all Tomb Raiders before Prophecy, music is mostly absent as the game relies on background noise & sound effects like the wind blowing, a wolf howling or just the footsteps of Lara make playing the game more atmospheric.

So overall Prophecy is by far Lara’s best game boy outing and one game that all Tomb Raider fans need to play to the end