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Released: 2010

Genre: RPG

Publisher: Valhira

Developer: Alex Jay

Submitted by: Alex Jay

Valhira is based in a magical world. The background story to the game is huge and is explained at the start of the game.

Your character is the son/daughter of a father who was killed in the war. You must complete his unfinished quest and become the Champion of Champion Isle.

I played this game in beta and must say, I loved every moment. It’s cute and engaging. With so much to do you can’t get bored.

One day you could be fishing, the next mixing potions, riding in a carriage, buying a home, raiding the Coterie or maybe slaying a Hub Dragon!

With over 300 maps to play over and constant new patches to download you’ll never be bored!

The game is free to download on the website www.valhira.com were they constantly update the game and have a live forums filled with people helping each other on quests and suggesting ideas.

All together, the game and community have a brilliant vibe. I would recommend a try, after all, it’s free!