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WWF No Mercy

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Released: 2000

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: THQ

Developer: AKI Corporation

Submitted by: Ben Dawson

While most wrestling fans today will play the Smackdown vs. Raw series of WWE games, hardcore fans who grew up during the 'Attitude' era will remember spending 99% of their waking life playing on WWF No Mercy. They will also remember having to return the title after release, due to a saving issue the original version had, but everything that turns out great has a bumpy start right?!

Still referred to as the most impressive wrestling game in history [and is quoted as such in the WWE Encyclopedia], No Mercy contained extensive Create A Wrestler options, an impressive multi-path career mode, and debuts of match elements such as ladders, special referees, and breakable announcers tables. The title also featured an extremely robust backstage, where you could fight through the entire arena. Whether you wanted to be in the locker room, the arena’s bar, or even the car park, No Mercy had you covered.

The game also included 65 wrestlers right from the start, managing to exceed figures even seen in today’s high definition outings. Another noticable addition to the wrestling game genre was the Smackdown Mall, the first time players could purchase new moves, wrestlers, weapons, arenas. A feature that once again, was more extensive in 2000 then it is now.

Noticable flaws in the title however, included slowdown during 4 player matches, blocky titantron videos, and the random ignorance of the Hell In A Cell match type. Something included in Smackdown 2 the year previous. But regardless of these minor errors, gamers around the world grabbed No Mercy off the shelves and made it one of the most popular wrestling titles ever.

Due to the games success, AKI planned a quick sequel entitled Backlash. However due to the N64’s upcoming retirement, WWF Backlash was shelved mid-production. AKI have been quoted several times in recent years in being interested in making a new WWE title, but for reasons unknown, haven’t been contacted.

WWF No Mercy was an instant classic for wrestling fans around the world. And if you don’t agree, I’ve got just two words for ya’…