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Alley Cat

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Released: 1984

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: IBM-Synsoft

Submitted by: Konstantinos Patiniotis

Well, here we go.

I love this game. I love it because it is a part f my childhood, and one of the first games i ever played.

Why you would love it is another matter. The game is about a cat, specifically a stray cat which does a lot of stuff to survive, (cat-things like going into houses and eating fishes out of tanks, and dropping down cages to eat the birds) and of course tries to avoid anti-cat items, such as shoes thrown at him, cigars, telephones (!) etc etc, as well as possible rivals in his quest to find a mate!

Features that you will love, are the game's great sense of humour, (the scene when the dog has eaten you too many times) fast game play, and cute graphics, even after 25(!!) (one year younger than me) years make this out-from-the-crypt game a must for every collector or just player who wants to spend some fun time-and that's important.