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Released: 1989

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

Marking one of the first appearances of mario on the Game Boy (alongside Super Mario Land) this is one of the all time classics for the console.

The objective in Alleyway is to destroy all the breakable bricks at the top of the screen, in each stage using a ball and paddle shaped "space ship" piloted by mario, whilst keeping the ball from falling into the ground/pit below, similar to that of "Breakout", developed by atari in 1976.

I can remember many train journeys and rain soaked summer days playing this game. Unlike the the earlier games similar to this, the ever changing environments of brick layouts and added mario bonus rounds give this a much more interesting and addictive gameplay.

Plus, despite being one of the original Game Boy games, when played on the Super Gameboy System (plug in of the SNES) it was actually quite full of colour in some stages.