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Released: 1982

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: BBC Micro

Publisher: Acornsoft

Developer: Orlando/Nick Pelling

Submitted by: Alex Reeves

I've covered a few BBC arcade conversions on the retroGamer site, so won't repeat what I've aleady said about the early days of home conversions and some of the liberties taken by developers like Acornsoft.

But if they hadn't we would not arcade perfect conversions such as Arcadians (a thinly veiled Galaxians).  All seems to be in order, from the swooping aliens to the large player ship at the bottom of the screen.  A quite repetitive game, sitting somewhere in between Space Invaders and Galaga in the arcades.  Galaga took the Arcadians model with swooping aliens and added in bonus screens and dual ships, perfecting for many the formula.

Anyway, back to Arcadians, not much more to say on this game, it has a high score table and a novel "attract" screen with a demo of gameplay. It was also released later on the Electron.  Anyone with a BBC back in the 80's should remember this game, and as such it deserves a mention on retroGamer.