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Astro Marine Corps

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Released: 1989

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Dinamic

Developer: Creepsoft

Submitted by: Ash H

The Deathbringers have arived and are causing all sorts of mayhem. As a member of the AMC, you have been sent to wipe them out. Anyone who has played a Dinamic game on the cpc will probably know what to expect. Loads of colour, quick scrolling and plenty of guns and explosions.

AMC is a side scrolling platform shooter similar to games like Gryzor and Turrican. Your marine is armed with a very big gun which can be upgraded with power-ups that drop from the sky or left behind by destroyed nasties. the three way scatter gun and the flame thrower are very useful as is the shield which doesn't last very long. Your marine can fire in eight directions as well as throw a limited supply of grenades. Being a marine also means staying in shape so he runs along quite quickly as well as peforming large jumps.

The Deathbringers are not impressed with you landing nearby and send out a host of enemy to greet you. You start off against various humanoid creatures that just take one shot to kill. It's not long before things get harder though. Some of the enemy can fly straight at you and others will slither along the ground. You may wonder what all the holes in the ground are. Step over one and you will find out. Giant man eating plants will chew you up and spit put your bones unless a few grenades are thrown in the hole to destroy them.

As well as the many enemies to face there are platforms to negotiate. Different coloured ones will either fade away when you step on them or take you up or down. Some quick, well timed jumps are needed in the later parts of the game. There are sections to each level and when you get to the halfway point you get a password to load in the rest. Here you finally enter the Deathbringers base and the enemies get bigger and a lot more of them are mechanical. Some of these beasts take up nearly half the screen.

Dinamic have not let us down with this game. Their graphics and scrolling are of a high standard. There is also a perhaps too cheerful tune that plays throughout the game unless you switch it off on the menu screen. The game as you expect gets harder as you progress but unlike some of their earlier games it's not impossible. So sign up with the Astro Marine Corps, it sure is a blast.