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Released: 1986

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Gremlin Graphics

Developer: Gremlin Graphics

Submitted by: Luciano Podestá

In the sequel to The Way of the Tiger, Yaemon the Grand Master of Flame is the villain of the piece. He has killed your foster-father Naijish and stolen the Scrolls of Kettsuin.

Your quest to recover the scroll and avenge your father's death is viewed from above and superficially resembles Gauntlet. You start outside the Quench Heart Keep, and must initially find enough keys in the grounds and connected buildings to penetrate it, and then kill each of the 3 guards.

There are other prey including spiders to fend off – these know how to home in on you. You are armed with a limited number of Shuikch to shoot from distance; after these are gone you are reliant on your bare hand, although more can be collected. Pressing the 1 key summons an energy recharge from the God Kwon, but only a limited number of times.


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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Gremlin Graphics

Developer: Gremlin Graphics

Submitted by: Ash H

Wahey a ninja game. I hoped this was going to be special and it pretty much is. Avenger is the follow up to The Way Of The Tiger which was more of a fighting game. This is more of an adventure although there are plenty of enemies out to stop you.

Your mission is to infiltrate a castle keep and take back some scrolls that have been taken. Firstly, you need to find keys to get in as you start off in the castle grounds. You may also come across treasure and shuriken which certainly will be useful. In the castle grounds wandering about are various creatures which can be taken care of with a good kick or punch. If they touch you they will sap your energy. From a distance you can use your shuriken, but you only have a limited amount.

It's not only creatures lurking about that you have to be wary of, the floor has dangerous spikes that come up at intervals. Also about are trapdoors and grills that lead to other levels. Should you make it into the keep, there are three guardians to be destroyed. You will need three further objects to destroy them and in a certain order. If the enemy are giving you a good beating, call on your God Kwon to give you an energy boost, just don't do it too many times or you will anger him.

Viewed almost from above, Avenger scrolls along at a good pace. The game is colourful with some neat detail. You also get a nice oriental tune on loading. The game has a large playing area and there is always more to discover. So if you like games that have ninja in them, I highly recommend this one.