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Released: 1982

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Apple II

Publisher: Datamost

Developer: Paul Stevenson

Submitted by: Duncan Anderson

Probably my all time favourite computer game. You play an Indiana Jones-style adventurer searching for a valuable idol in an Aztec tomb. The keyboard-only controls were quite elaborate and involved a range of movement – walking, running, jumping, crawling, climbing stairs – and a separate “fight mode” using a pistol or machete. There are variety of enemies ranging from snakes and spiders to mini T-Rexes (how they ended up in an Aztec tomb I don't know). There are also traps involving walls that close in and water that fills a room and drowns you.

I played illicit copies of this game for many years, and thought that the many bugs and quirks may have been due to the fact I didn't have an original copy. After buying an original (for a pretty penny) on eBay, I discovered that the game was always like that. Still a classic game that I continue to enjoy.