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B-17 Bomber

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Released: 1982

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Intellivision

Publisher: Mattel Electronics

Developer: Mattel Electronics

Submitted by: Will Osborne

A single player World War II based game where you command a B-17 Bomber. The object of the game is to earn points by bombing targets displayed on a map that represented continental Europe and the surrounding seas.

Before each mission your given the opportunity to choose how many bombs you can carry from 0-17, however the more bombs you carry the heavier the plane is and less fuel you can carry meaning that many more that 10 bombs would limit you to costal targets.

This is one of the five games released on the Intellivision that required the Intellivoice module, using the module you get audible alerts on attacking enemy fighters (with the alert being either “Fighters” or “Bandits” at either twelve, three, six or nine o’clock) as well as avoiding flak (“Watch for flak”) and to inform when your above the target (“Target in sight!”).

The game doesn’t end unless you crash in Europe or are shot down where the Intellivoice will continue to say “Mayday”.