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Batty Builders

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Released: 1983

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Atari 8-bit

Publisher: English Software

Developer: M.D. Caballero

Submitted by: Shaun Scott

Another English Software title. I seem to like this publisher a lot. This can best be described as a catch/throw-em-up! I remember this game having an extremely short load time, rare on the Atari 800 XL’s 1010 data recorder where load times could be as long as 20 minutes!

Blocks fall from the top of the screen; it’s your job to catch them and throw them back up matching the correct colour. This game was hard and very frustrating. You had to be almost exactly under a block otherwise you were destroyed but because of the short loading time I returned to the game often.  The game moves very fast and when your ‘in the zone’ can be quite enjoyable.  Another early title (in the UK anyway) and deserves to be mentioned if only to prove its existence! Have you played Atari today!? 🙂