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Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Doing Easter is rubbish when you’re writing about games. At Christmas, there are plenty of Santa-themed games to cover, assuming you’re not drowning in the glut of high-profile releases vying for the hearts and wallets of gamers and their loved ones. Easter? Not a jot. Egg hunts would make for fine games, but no. We don’t even have some bizarre, misguided attempt to create a bunny-ninja who has to rescue the holiday to fall back on. Most of us just do a lazy feature about Easter Eggs. But oh no, not Retro Gamer – we’ve gone that extra mile for you!

This is Bimbo, for the ZX Spectrum. It’s a 1983 release from Joe The Lion that is clearly modelled after Rally-X, and though the smooth scrolling of Namco’s classic has been lost it plays pretty faithfully. Bimbo is a bunny who hops around a large maze, evading enemies while collecting carrots. Once the carrots are collected, it’s off to the next maze. So we’ve got the bunny element down, but wait – there’s more. As it turns out, the game was coded by a man named Jonathan M Easter, which is just wonderful – a man named Easter codes a game about a bunny. Remarkably, it appears to have been his only published Spectrum game, so the fact that it has helped us out of a silly seasonal bind is just ace. Jonathan, wherever you are these days, we salute you.