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Bionic Ninja

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Released: 1988

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Zepplin Games

Developer: Shock Developments

Submitted by: James Evans

What could go wrong with a robot ninja? Here is a fun platformer / action game with the addition of being able to use a choice of weapons to dispatch your foes – shurikens, sais and your trusty fists that even Chuck Norris would be proud of – all available at the press of a key.

I was never too sure why the ninja needed to be a cyborg, apart from maybe making the loading screen look a bit cooler and giving the actual title name a AAA ring to it. You do not have any skills that a robot ninja should have – laser eyes or Bruce Lee agility, you can't even punch people through walls. Regular ninja-ry-ness would have sufficed.

The game is fun however, the levels are relatively varied if not sometimes a bit bland. The actual in game graphics show our hero to look more like a space age pizza delivery boy than a ninja… now theres a thought for a game! you use your kung fu cyborg fists to chop pizza. I'd definitely buy it. But then I would as its my game!