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Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Commodore 16/Plus4

Publisher: Aligata Software

Developer: Brandon James

Submitted by: Clarance Frank

Blagger is a platformer very much in the style of Manic Miner, with all that pixel perfect nonsense thrown in. What more can I say – If you like this sort of thing then I guess Blagger is your kind of bag.

OK credit where it's due – um…?? – well there's a certainly a lot going on in each of the twenty screens of platforming jollity on offer here. If you really want to know, Roger the Dodger is a mean safe robbing kind of a chappie, whose endless nightly toil seems to consist of cracking the safes in strange other worldly buildings. This he goes about by first grabbing several securely secreted keys and then heading for that safe, cunningly located on every screen – but one safe a night isn't enough for our Roger, doesn't seem to sate his safe stealing lust. So once the blagger has raided one safe, it's on to the next, even more cunningly constructed building, to crack another.

Roger though, is not alone on his nocturnal adventures (you never thought he was for a minute did you?). Each building has its own set of 'night watch-men' patrolling the levels. These gentlemen are 'spooky and kooky', oh yes. They patrol their designated area of the screen in an unrelenting pattern, and should our (anti?) hero make contact with these beasts then he will be consumed.

Lets take time out here to mention the graphics on this little charmer – well for some reason, on the C16 version, Roger looks like a smurf. That is all I care to pass comment on. And lets talk about the sound effects – Blagger contains some sound effects.

There are lots of other Miner inspired traps and obstacles to be overcome – disappearing floors, electric prongs to be hurdled (pixel perfectly of course), moving walkways, oh the list is terminal. Ha.

Given a little more spring to his step (play it and you'll see what I mean), Blagger might have made for an entertaining little platformer – if you like these kind of games…