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Released: 1982

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: VIC-20

Publisher: Commodore

Developer: Commodore

Submitted by: Andy H

Blitz is an incredibly simple and remarkably addictive game where your goal is to land your biplane.  Unfortunately the airport is full, closed or too far away because you decide to land in the city.  To do so you've got to clear away those pesky sky scrapers which otherwise cause crashing problems for your little biplane.  No very P.C. to bomb a city but for a computer game that's not important, besides we can assume the city was populated by evil zombies.

You biplane starts at the top of the screen and flys left to right.  Each time it leaves the right of the screen it emerges back on the left but slightly lower down.  As you pass over the city below, you can drop bombs.  A direct hit with a building will take a few stories off the top of it.  Do this to all the buildings until they are completely destroyed and your biplane will be allowed to land.  The reward being an animated waving man followed by the biplane taking off into the sky for another round.

Blitz can be a game of chance as much as a game of skill due to the randomly generated city landscape you are given at the start of every game.  However that doesn't matter because you just have to beat it.  You can get so close to clearing the city sometimes and it's hard to let go and give up.

It's also a game that Nan's can play (official).  With just one key to press and not being too fast, or have too many moving objects on screen it is a perfect game for the young and old.

Although it later came out on other platforms, it is well worth seeking out the Vic-20 version of this game which in my opinion is the best one.  Go grab your emulator now!