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Bounty Bob Strikes Back

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Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: US Gold

Developer: Bill Hogue / Tim Miller

Submitted by: Gavin Eke

  Back in the 80's, I often wondered whether mines were filled with platforms. Maybe this was why the UK mining industry collapsed. Too many platforms, not enough coal. Either way, there were already two well known gaming icons who had mining on their CV's.

However, it wasn't just Monty Mole & Miner Willy who had experience in underground caverns. They also had an American counterpart called Bounty Bob. This game has already been covered in it's C64 guise on the Retrogamer site so I'll try to keep it short & sweet regarding the ZX Spectrum version. Essentially a sequel to Miner 2049er, starring Bob in his efforts to thwart the evil Yukon Yohan. Your character had to progress through 25 mines & secure them from the mutants residing there.

The structure of the game was similar to Manic Miner, however, there were some important differences between them. Firstly, the variety of equipment Bob had at his disposal to traverse the whole level. Only by walking over every inch of the mine would it be secured & your progress maintained. However, because of the infestation of mutants dotted around the mine, it was your job to find the best route. This required assistance from the various pieces of equipment found within the caverns. There were teleporters, Utility hoists, Suction tubes & gravity lifts which were all incorporated into the levels.

Secondly, you could alter the length of your jump & it's direction once in mid-air. An important gaming mechanic that separated it from the Manic Miner games.

Thirdly, a variety of objects, when obtained which were used to despatch mutants, very similar to the power pill effect on Pac-Man. I could go on, but fear I'm approaching the 350 word mark already! 

If you haven't played it already I suggest you give a go as it's a fun little game. Apparently, Matthew Smiths Manic Miner, was inspired by seeing Miner 2049er in action. If this is true then it's not just C64/Atari gamers who should be grateful to Bill Hogue but platform fans everywhere.    

 Better than Manic Miner & JSW? Maybe, just maybe…….

Bounty Bob Strikes Back

2,936 views 0 comments

Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Developer: Big 5 Software / Bill Hogue

Submitted by: Andrew Lynn

The follow up to miner 2049er ,developed in 1985 by big 5 software Bounty Bob Strikes Back was a great platform game , try and fill in the platforms while avoiding alien thingys against the clock, the great thing for me about this game was it's sheer simplicity and addictiveness, i came back to it time after time and still do to this day, i think it's one of the best platformers on the C64 and if you haven't played it i urge you to do so. Bounty Bob is legendary !! Nice touch with the birds sorting out the hi-score table too.