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Released: 1982

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Arcade

Publisher: Williams Electronics

Developer: Williams Electronics

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Bubbles is one of the most bizarre arcade games ever created and one of the most fun. Playing as the light blue bubble it is your job to clean up all the grease, grime and ants?! in the sink to advance to the next stage.

I have this game on Midways Arcade Treasures and I always remember playing it. Not only because the game was fun to play but because of how unique the game itself is. I have never played a game since where it is all set in a sink and you have to clean it up and because of that obscurity I think I have always remembered it.

Little Blue Bubble has to absorb all the grease, ants and crumbs in the sink for you to continue to the next stage. When he absorbs the things what need cleaning, he gradually increases in size and when big enough develops a face making him, invincible. Little Blue Bubble though has to avoid roaches, razor blades, brushes and sponges when cleaning the sink or else he will die. These enemies get extremely relentless as the game goes on, meaning you need to be extremely quick and strategic when cleaning the sink.

Released in 1982 the graphics look really colourful for the time and even today they still look stunning. The music and sounds are fun, not the best thing about this game but nonetheless give the game its charm. Finally the gameplay itself is highly addicting and easy to play with the controls being simple to use and very responsive.

Bubbles is without a doubt one of those games which will always be remembered by a small audience due to the fact not many people have even heard of it, let alone played it. This said Bubbles is one of my favourite arcade games and I feel privileged to have said I have played it . If you want to buy an original Bubbles arcade cabinet you really need to put insurance on it because not only are they highly expensive but also extremely rare and if you can get an original cabinet its worth it. It is available on Midway Arcade Treasures so you can still play it without having to pay the extreme price for an original cabinet. Bubbles is one of the most charmingly obscure video games ever created and if you love arcade gaming it is a game you should really track down and give a try.


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Released: 1982

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Arcade

Publisher: Williams Entertainment

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

In Bubbles you play as…..a bubble!

With gameplay that feels very much like Marble Madness, you must play through various levels, or sinks as they're known in Bubbles, absorbing things such as crumbs of food, ants and the witch who eat things herself so letting her roam for a while before gobbling her earns a nice bonus.  All while avoiding nasties including razor blades, scrubbing brushes and spiders who pop you on contact.  And once you've eaten enough, the plughole flashes green to allow you to complete the stage and move on.

This is proof that sometimes the simple ideas are the best.  Highly addictive!