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Chuckie Egg 2

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Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: A'n'F Software

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt

Poor unloved Chuckie Egg 2…

It wasn't Chuckie Egg so nobody liked it and it wasn't Jet Set Willy nobody liked it.

And yet it had so much more to offer!

For those of us (possibly just me) who weren't blown away by Chuckie Egg, and found Jet Set Willy to be too difficult (curse that Forgotten Abbey!) Chuckie Egg 2 was just the thing. And for those of us (possibly just me) who loved Fahrenheit 3000, it had some of that 'bouncing off walls' action – and if you've seen the size of Henhouse Harry's pot-belly this will come as no surprise! coupled with another pair of ridiculously animated legs that pack an enormous punch jump-wise

Henhouse Harry has moved on from the poultry business and is helping out in a chocolate egg factory. When you explore the map, this is a game that feels properly designed. The rooms link together so neatly, it's almost beautiful. The way the puff of smoke rises through the factory from the Reject Egg Smelter makes it feel like a fully imagined world (to me at least, living in my only partially imagined world)

My only niggle is the set of linear opening screens that you have to work through to get into the game proper. I found this irritating but in a spirit of generosity I now choose to think of these as the kind of hand-holding tutorial screens that you have to go through in modern games.

Chuckie Egg 2,  a game way ahead of its time!

Chuckie Egg 2

8,086 views 0 comments

Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: A'n'F Software (

Developer: A'n'F Software (

Submitted by: Andy Godoy

The sequel to tone of the all time classic games Chuckie Egg.

Chuckie Egg 2 Choccy Egg, was one of the game when it first came was a game that I just couldn't wait to get my hand hands on, as I loved the first game so much.

The first thing I noticed was unlike the previous game this game had loads of different screens,the orignal game was only one screen but different levels.

Choccy egg played similer to Manic Miner and the Monty mole games and with the change of format, some people were left unhappy while others liked the new game play.

All in all Chuckie Egg 2 is a fun game ,but it's no where near as good as the classic orignal, now I'n not saying it was a bad game,because it's not but the first game was a classic and there are other games on the Speccy that are similer to this but better.

If you have never played, I would say give a go but don't expect a classic like I did in the good old old days and that way you might actually enjoy this game.