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Released: 1984

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Amsoft

Developer: Mr Micro

Submitted by: Richard Goulstone

This is the standard of game that has given Amsoft a less than favourable name.  It is a type in quality game, packaged up by Amsoft and sold as full commercial quality.  That's not to say the game is all bad, but if you paid 10 quid for it, you might be a little disappointed….

The game is fairly simple, it is a 3D version of 'Connect Four', or 'Tic Tac Toe'.  You can play against the computer or two human players against each other.  As a game it's not bad, if you are into board games like Chess or checkers then you might enjoy this, but the graphics are almost non-existant as are the sonics.

As a type-in, quite good, as a commercial release, you might have been thinking 'was I ripped off?'.