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Daley Thompsons Olympic Challenge

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Released: 1988

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Ocean

Submitted by: Tommy Scott

What a joystick breaker of a game this was. Required hands of steel and plenty of money for new joysticks.
Join Mr Thompson on this gruelling( yes extremely gruelling) ten event olympic challenge. The first problem starts when entering the gym practising to enter the Olympic challenge.(New joystick required please) Under the watchful eye of your coach build up your strentgh and power to the maximum , and only then will you be in a position to go against the record books.
Having to be a world arm wrestling champion to be able to achieve the 9000 points to win the accolade of “worlds greatest athlete”(Where is that other joystick). The graphics and sound (only sound I had was the sound of my joystick breaking into pieces and scattering across the floor) served the purpose of the game , nice scrolling pixels displayed your character running only to be beaten again as the computer player sprints by you just before the finishing line. Precision was required for the hurdles and high jump for that perfect timing as I yet again fall over the hurdle or land face first on to the mat on the high jump or as I yet again throw the javelin about approximately 2 feet. Maybe I will use the keyboard for the next event , I though, only to end up with finger pointing syndrome , which was a good excuse not to finish of my homework.( No wonder I am currently unemployed)
All in all this game was a different expierence from the norm.(Left , right , left , right , smash). This game still sits in my proud spectrum collection only to re-visit when my hands fell the urge to destroy things.