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Released: 1986

Publisher: Interstella Software

Developer: AJ Lloyd

Submitted by: Andrew Masters

With respect to the great ipmarks, Defenda was a truly great game! Here’s why:

It played a reasonable game of Defender, and had good spot effects and sound. Defender was all fully realised on the Spectrum in this game, and (once you had mastered the frog-like ability all Defender games require of splaying your hands out to cover every key on the keyboard), it was all fine. There was everything you wanted: smart bombs, mutants, landers, humans, baiters, pods and swarmers.

The game kind of just chugged along at a solid dependable rate as it scrolled, and if you ever needed a breather (as you often did when there were many enemies), you could just reverse direction. This froze the action, and took so long that it gave you a break. The radar is all fully implemented, and it was all done in 48K. The game had reasonable graphics and no colour clash.

This was one of those games that I played late into the night, perfecting my score. A good example of a game where I was rewarded with high scores for perseverence and effort.

Great memories.