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Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: The Oliver Twins

Submitted by: Andrew Joseph

The first in a long series of games for this legendary egg.
The game itself is based on the J. Milton Hayes' poem 'The Green Eye of the Yellow God'. Many of the items and places Dizzy collects and visits are taken from the poem.
With dangerous hazards and cryptic puzzles this game set the benchmark for all Dizzy games to follow.

This game, personally, isnt the best of the series and for a beginner getting into the Dizzy saga should try Prince of the Yolkfolk.
Many people ask “why an egg?”. It was because it was easy to draw.
The 'Panda Sprites' engine, written by the Oliver Twins allowed an image to rotate easily without redrawing, BUT it distorted the sprite so the image had to be simple.

Dizzy was exploring the haunted forest, looking for some berries, flowers and a piece of wood with which to make a club when he uncovered a mystifying stone slab.
Brushing the dirt aside he was able to read (after a great deal of head scratching) the faint inscription 'The Avawiffovee Potion'.

Dizzy remembered his Eggfather had spoke of such a potion. 'It is the only way to rid our land of athletes foot, and it can also be used to destroy the Evil Wizard Zaks'.

Dizzy trembled with fear as he recalled these words. Zaks brought fear to the village, he cast spells that turned people old, made men blind and caused it to rain every Sunday afternoon during Cricket.

Dizzy was determined to put a stop to all this, he would be the hero of the yolkfolk. He read on… 'Fill a potion bottle with cooked Leprechauns wig, cloud silver lining, Vampire dux feather and some troll brew – cook the potion and throw it at Zaks to dissolve his reign.' He covered it up and quickly made ready to liberate the land of KATMANDU.