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Released: 1985

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Rabbit (Virgin)

Developer: Ian Gray/Lee Braine

Submitted by: Martin Antonelli

A much loved game from my childhood, which caused me many a telling off for staying up way past my bedtime playing it. Doriath is an engaging romp through a huge system of caves to find the eight magical scroll fragments and defeat the Ice dragon to escape.

Our main protagonist has no name but is quite obviously a wizard possibly based on Gandalf from the Lord of the rings, this being made obvious by his ability to float down massive drops and chuck around spells like theres no tomorrow. It seems the creators have somewhat of a liking for J.R.R Tolkein as the majority of the numerous levels seem to be named after characters from Tolkeins books.

Doriath is a massive game and rumour has it impossible to fully complete due to a missing amulet. Still it is tremendous fun to explore & track down the spell amulets needed to kill the various types of monster that range from snakes to dragons and kraken.

Although hard to find in its original cassette format, a rom copy of it can easily be found on the internet and used with most C64 emulators.