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Dr Who

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Released: 1986

Developer: Micro Power

Submitted by: James Evans

Wow. A truely truely woeful dismal game. I don’t have hyperbole big enough to describe how massively bad this game is. ‘Dr Who and the mines of terror’ is the full name. Well terror is about right but they changed the end word slightly. If it was ‘Dr Who and the mines of terrible’ then we might be getting somewhere.

Anyway I have not yet explained why this game is so poor. Dreadful game play – it starts giving you no idea what to do. Nothing has been explained. The Tardis police box appears in THE CAVE OF TERROR! (sorry you have to say it like that as the game has no terror or scary bits or anything really so may as well ham it up) and out appears a Jamacian looking Dr complete with David Dickinson steak bake tan. You can walk about, jump badly and fall off ladders with aplomb. The Daleks look even more like bins on tracks than their tv counterparts and I honestly could not make out what some of the other creatures were. There was a blue thing with fingers and a green blob with some sort of face.

Every time you die (and yes it will be alot) a scrolling messge appears telling you how you died. At one point I got to the top of the level and thought ‘yes! I have escaped THE CAVE OF TERROR’, only to find the scrolling message to say that I had infact suffocated. Brilliant. The colours (all 4 of them in the game) clash and bleed into one another frequently but you won’t mind this. You will be trying to come up with more messages telling you how you are crap at the game until it is game over. Bet the Doctor wishes he wasn’t regenerated this time.