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Released: 1986

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Mikro-Gen

Developer: Rapheal Cecco / Chris Hinsley / Dave Perry / Nick Jones

Submitted by: Gavin Eke

 Mikro Gen were already an established 8-bit software publisher before Equinox was coded. However, after the disappointing "Battle of the Planets" it was time to right a few wrongs.

When you have a coding team that comprises of Raf Cecco & Dave Perry there comes a certain expectation of quality. Unfortunately, whilst Equinox lives up to the billing, it's not a renowned classic such as their subsequent titles. 

It's easy to see the lineage between this & Cybernoid though. Both are flip screen puzzlers come shooters with flashes of colour & detail. Digging deeper, your aim is to locate radioactive canisters that populate a room based asteroid. Your character is a yellow droid who fly's around trying to utilize objects left by the miners who abandoned the facility. These discarded objects will allow puzzles & obstacles to be overcome so that your droid can find, then dispose of the radioactive waste.  

However, knowing what goes where is very much a game of trial an error. Finding a teleporter is one thing, getting it to work another. Only after much meandering around the caverns do you realize that the blue plate thingies are credits for the teleporter leading to other significant areas. Pass cards will allow access to other levels with their own radioactive waste to dispose of. Hampering your progress, are the facilities defense systems which have been thoughtlessly left on. When your droid enters a cavern, several security droids spawn in the area & drain your energy upon contact. Fortunately, you have your own laser to deal with these opponents, however, new enemies will re-spawn in their place. The droids lasers do not last forever either, therefore, it's important to find recharging canisters dotted around the playing area that replace lost energy & weapons.    

With eight levels in all, there's quite a lot to do. However, discovering which objects overcome the various obstacles can get a bit tedious at times. Equinox is a colourful game with limited clash & a decent title tune as well. Not one of Raf Cecco's/Dave Perry's strongest titles but there was Cybernoid & MDK to come. 


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Released: 1994

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Software Creations

Submitted by: Aidan Main

Equinox (also known as Solstic 2) is an adventure-puzzle game released in 1994 for the Snes

Players take control of Glendaal, a young wizard ona quest to save his father from a sorceress. In order to do so, the player must navigate a series of dungeons, retrieving blue crystals and defeating the boss of each dungeon.