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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Hewson

Developer: Raffaele Cecco

Submitted by: Stephen Westwood

This was one game I really did buy based on the review (from sinclair User)… It looked the biz, very colourful and sounded generally awesome.  It got a 'classic' rating, and well deserved.  It was also the first game I mail ordered (from one of the many shops advertised in the magazine… probably 'Castle Computers' if I remember rightly).  And was the first game I got in a 'big case' !  I was so excited when it arrived.  The cover looked great too.

It loaded reasonably quickly and had an on screen tape counter then the 128k music began with flashing stars around the screen.  The whole thing was so polished.  And the game was certainly not a let down.

You can spot a Raffaele Cecco game.  His graphics are a touch above the rest, colouful and large.  Your space guy strolls manfully on blowing up things with his rocket launcher (holding fire down for 2 secs sets one off) to a display of debris.  Shooting, jumping, transporting around the strange space instalation.  The same obstacles come up reguarly, but that's a good thing.  You learn the best ways to negotiate them on one screen, and then they pop up in a different situation later.  The aliens are just bubbles n rockets, but they pop nicely when you shoot em !  Half way through each, long, flip screen level there is a booth where you can change into a double shooting exo suit that gives invunerability to a few of the obstacles.  If you go through the level without it though, you get a bravery bonus at the end. 

As I say, its just so 'polished', so nicely put together.  The graphics, the sound, the controls and most importantly the playability and perfect difficulty setting.  I wanna be that space guy, even nowadays on emulator… and I wanna be in that white suit too!  I don't know why some other versions have him in a coloured suit, especially as he wears white on the cover?!  

Anyway, classic game it is.