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Fahrenheit 3000

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Released: 1985

Publisher: Firebird

Developer: Softstone Ltd

Submitted by: Alan H

A decent budget platformer, JSW lookey like (but by no means clone), with requisite hard to time jumps, strange moving sprites to avoid and creative room names!

The point of the game is to make a nuclear reactor safe. How do you do that? You have to negotiate each room in the reactor and close off the leaky valves  of course Рand you can only do this when the valves are red (!), if you touch a valve when green you die Рnot easy back in the day on the black and white telly in the spare room!!

What makes this game different to others in the genre is how you can use walls and platforms to bounce your character off to negotiate your way around the rooms.

Instead of lives you only add to the levels of radiation by constantly dying, when the radiation levels hit max the reactor (presumably) goes into meltdown and its game over for you.