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Released: 1981

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Game & Watch

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: David Freeman

This Widescreen title released in 1981 under the serial FR-27, previous before this was the sliver edition serial RC-04 1980, but here we will cover the FR-27.

Its nature was simple, two buttons one for moving left and the other for moving right. You took control of two medics ready to catch and bounce victims from a burning building across three spaces into an ambulance. Its addictiveness showed even once you progress past the hundreds and into the annoying zone in which the victims will jump from lower floors and at the same time. The screen filled up and you find yourself with several near misses as your fingers work faster to avoid deaths by jumping. Missing never being an option you can work out the movement pattern and work to avoid those places where you lost a life and attempt an even higher score.

Two modes of game play as standard on a Game & Watch, this title appears on ebay quite often at varies prices. It’s a highly recommended title and one that has not been forgotten thanks to its appearances in the Game & Watch Gallery Series on the Game Boy.