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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Piranha

Developer: Moby Games

Submitted by: James Evans

You are head servant for the royal family and your mission is to go around Buck Palace doing various jobs for the royals. As a kid I remember this being such an oddity of a game as some of the family are quite 'special' looking. For example (see pic above) Prince Andrew with some sort of hair lip, Hitler thing going on as you have to fetch him a boat to play with in the bath. Perhaps an accurate social commentary on the times.

Gameplay is a little on the slow side and the sound is pretty poor. It is however the characters that always made me think fondly of this game. Prince Charles is another good one – looking straight out of Spitting Image, riding a rocking horse and weilding a polo mallet. As true to real life they all seem to be bumbling simpletons wanting ridiculous things. It was a hard game though – walk into the wrong area (of which you are not told) and the guards shoot you. If you do appease everyones wishes then you get an audience with the Queen who then gives you another job to perform. I never quite managed to get that far which I am going to blame on the clunky controls.

The biggest let down is that Prince Philip is not in the game. Who knows what casual racist job he would have given you. Stick to Trap Door – a miles better game.