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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Mastertronic

Developer: Richard Alpin

Submitted by: Ash H

For being a good lad and carrying the shopping home from the local market, my mum would treat me to a budget game every fortnight. So a large part of my cpc collection would consist of games from Codemasters, Firebird and there was this Mastertronic gem.

In Flyspy you control a helicopter flying around inside a super computer. Your task is to find the N-BOMB and to destroy this computer. Your chopper is capable of carrying four items at any one time but too much weight can be fatal. As can running out of fuel or loosing your shields. Items to pick up include ammo, fuel, telekeys, oxygen and smaller bombs. Oxygen is needed for sections containing water and bombs make new holes on walls to further your progress.

Telekeys are for use at transport stations. You will the code to transport from one place to another, these will gradually be revealed in the scenery by the station. But before you can move to the next area, you need to play and finish a game of centipede. Other features include a transmodulator, here you can swap a hundred points for more ammo or fuel.

Flyspy is a colourful, well detailed game but it can become confusing and you can also get stuck somewhere and not get back out. The title screen has a nice and quirky piece of music playing as well as speech. The game area is quite big and there is plenty to do and explore. Reading the mad but humourous instructions didn't help me one bit and I never have come close to finishing it. For 1986 though, this sandwich short of a picnic game is quite impressive.