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Football Manager

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Released: 1981

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: ZX 80/81

Publisher: Addictive

Developer: Kevin Toms

Submitted by: Richard Goulstone

Quite possibly the greatest game ever written on the ZX81.  When I had my ZX81 back in 1982, I only ever owned two commercial games, Football Manager and Flight Simulator.  I had a small black and white telly and a ZX81 with a 16k Ram pack, and every weekend would be spent playing Football Manager.  One Sunday I got up at 8am, and played it 10 hours straight, must have gone through dozens of seasons.  And I always played as the same team, the great football team ever, the mighty Liverpool.

Sometimes I would bump the ram pack and the computer would reset in the middle of a game, aarrrgghhh!

And it's such a simple game,  there is not a graphic in the entire game but the game play is as good as GTA12 or whatever they are up to know.  It is all strategy, planning and thinking, with enough luck thrown in to keep you interested.  You play as a manager of a football team, starting in Division 4, and through good management, rise through the ranks to be champion of Division 1.  Also the FA cup is thrown in as well, though these games were quite often just used as an excuse to rest the best players, so was seldom won.

What a game…. there have been dozens, if not hundreds of football manager sims since Football Manager, but none have ever come close,  They either have fancy graphics that make the game boring, or they have so much detail it makes them unplayable.  Football Manager will always be the best.

Football Manager

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Released: 1982

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Addictive

Developer: Kevin Toms

Submitted by: Adam Lister

My parents temporarilly seperated due to this game.  Me (6), my bro (10) and Dad (36) couldn't work out how to save to tape on the Speccy and would have no choice but to play marathon sessions all night.

My mum who worked nights as a nurse found out we were staying up till 5 in the morning on a school night and confiscated the Speccy.

My dad, unable to cope without his FM fix, found the Speccy buried deep in Mums wardrobe and returned it to us.  We got rumbled due to forgetting to turn the volume back up on the TV (due to the Speccys internal bleeper) a tell-tale sign of Speccy use.

Mum went off it due to 'mistrust' and moved out!  They later reconciled but the damage was done…

Looks basic now, but where would Management sims be without it?  Only about 25 players (all seemingly named after past-it [even then] England stars), random AI (it was easily possible to win the FA Cup as a 4th Division Team) and stickmen graphics (the guy down the right wing would always score from near the half-way line).  But still one of the most addictive games ever made!