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Frankenstein Jr

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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Codemasters / Viz Design

Developer: Steve Howard

Submitted by: James Evans

The aim of the game is relatively simple – you have to revive your dad. Doing it however is much more difficult. You control Jr – massive chin and all – around a castle trying to collect body parts to complete your mission.

Being a Codemasters game, it does smack a bit of Dizzy – you can only carry a couple of items at once, of which you can only carry one key at a time which unlock a plethora of doors. This becomes a case of trial and error – when you die you start again, so knowing where keys are and what door to use them on is essential to beating the game.

If you take too long in a room, a ghost or skeletons appear and chase you until your health, in this case a beating heart – breaks, causing your demise. If this was not bad enough, there is a vial of green gloop next to your health which is your time. There are rooms which let you refil your time so finding these should be your first mission.

Jr is a very playable game, the characters are big and bold, the backdrops do become a bit boring, but they are functional but most importantly the game is fun. The most fun I had was finding the shovel and going crazy digging up the grave yard.

Oddly, the exact same game is available in the form of Bride of Frankenstein – why won't Frankenstein just get some life insurance or something. You'd think he'd have learned his lesson by now but clearly not.