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Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Atari 2600

Publisher: Activision

Submitted by: Stuart Hunt

Frostbite features some pretty frenetic gameplay…

Featuring the Eskimo (or should that be Inuit?) called Frostbite, you must bounce around the four ice flows situated at the bottom of the screen in order to earn the ‘bricks’ that create your igloo on the land at the top of the screen. Once the igloo is complete you should enter quickly before the timer (displayed as a temperate) reaches zero and your little Eskimo friend suffers full body frostbite (aka death).

This looks like a Frogger clone, but actually its a bit more involved, Yes, there are nasties to avoid (instead of cars, lorries and crocs its low-flying birds, crabs and clams) and there are bonus bricks to be earned by eating the fish that also inhabit the water, but this game requires a bit more thought as – with a press of the fire button – you can alter the direction of the ice floe.

The graphics are great for a 2600 game and the action gets pretty fast and furious. The controls work perfectly and enable some pretty nimble jumping by the Eskimo hero.

Overall a great game and still pretty addictive when you fire it up. Just watch out for that Polar Bear…