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Fruit Machine

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Released: 1984

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Amsoft

Developer: Paul Aitman

Submitted by: Ash H

This was another of the Amsoft games that alot of people got free with their machines. It was very basic but did provide a few hours of fun with the family.

On loading, the game starts straight away, you have five pounds to spend. There are eight fruits in total that could come up on the three reels. Three in a row is a win which can be up to three pounds, From there you have a few choices. You can collect, gamble, use nudges or choose the winner spinners. Gambling is exactly that, you either win or lose. With nudges you can try and win more by getting the fruits in a line. That is basically it.

The inlay card does show the whole three reels to make life easier. As seen in the screenshot, it looks very basic, there are only a few sound effects to speak of. Despite the simplicity there was some fun to be had.