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Game Over 2

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Released: 1988

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Imagine

Developer: Dinamic

Submitted by: Ash H

If games sold on the artwork for it the first Game Over would have probably sold millions. It certainly grabbed my attention but as it happens, the game itself was quite good anyway. As for this one, it is again well presented without the need for a censor. The story goes the hero in the first Game Over has been imprisoned so you, a hero in the making, set off in a rescue attempt.

The game is split into two sections, you need to complete the first and get the password to play the second. You start by making your way to the planet Phantis in a ship with various nasties and asteroids blocking your way. This part of the game is split into sections which includes flying through caverns and facing it's occupants. Once this is done you get a chance to ride a local two legged beast. Here you make your way through the swamp chopping away at all manner of creatures that come at you from the air or the ground. Only when you get through this do you get a passord for part two.

Part two is divided into six smalller sections and is a platform shooter more like the first game. Here you need to locate a weapon and upgrade it as enemy creatures are all about. Other sections here include the inner lake filled with hungry beasts lurking under the surface and a magma chamber, where things really heat up. Finally the prison section will see you complete your mission and set off for a nice cup of tea.

Game Over 2 is just as colourful, well detailed and playable as the first one was. There is more to do this time as you fly a ship. ride a beast and have a rocket pack to use to avoid enemy on the ground. In Spain the game was called Phantis and the character you controlled was female, I think that was the only real difference. This is a typical Dinamic game on the cpc, good looking and lots of action, only slightly easier than some others. Top notch.