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Released: 1989

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Macintosh

Publisher: Mindscape

Developer: Sorcerer / #39;s Apprenctice

Submitted by: Anthony Staude

The multiplayer arcade game of the 80’s. One to four players of different classes battle their way through a maze seeking treasure, magic and the way out! Determined to stop their progress are the evil inhabitants which include grunts, ghosts, demons, death and more!

Converted to the Black & White Macintosh. There’s also a color version but I don’t have an old color Mac, so this is B&W only.

It’s probably quite an odd choice as a target machine for a converion, but it was and it does run on the humble 68K B&W Macs. I was very surprised yet very curious to see how this game played.

Given the constraints, the Macintosh version is actually rather good. The Black and White graphics are very nicely detailed. What it lacks in color in makes up in resolution. The typical game screen back then for B&W Macs was 512×384 which compares very nicely with the majority of the 8-bit conversions which were more like 256×192 (though this varied).

The higher resolution meant that the characters and monsters are all nicely detailed.  It’s not too bad to look at if you don’t mind black and white. The title screen is a nice demonstration of the “newspaper” style graphic that is common with early B&W Mac releases.

As for the game, it’s pretty much all there. Lots of options to select who you want to play and setup of control. The levels are all there and it plays though a little slow on my 8Mhz machine. I bet it would zoom nicely on an Mac SE/30.

A nice alternative Gauntlet and quite a bit more entertaining than some of the lack-lustre 8-bit releases (Amstrad and Sega Master versions excepted).